Our Team has a Commitment to Excellence

  Nickie Toups  Administrator

Nickie Toups

 Saundra Frey DON/RN

Saundra Frey

 Betty Gore ADON/LPN

Betty Gore

 Myra Johnson RSD/LPN

Myra Johnson

 Nancy Dabbs HR Director

Nancy Dabbs
HR Director

 Barrett Broussard Dietary Manager  

Barrett Broussard
Dietary Manager

 Tricia Fontenot CNA Supervisor/LPN

Tricia Fontenot
CNA Supervisor/LPN

 Lasetta Mayo Therapy Tech/CNA

Lasetta Mayo
Therapy Tech/CNA

 Beverly Charles RSD/LPN

Beverly Charles

 LeeAnna Frilot Med Rec/Patient Trust

LeeAnna Frilot
Med Rec/Patient Trust

 Felicia Lavergne Social Services

Felicia Lavergne
Social Services

 Vanessa Lacombe RSD/LPN

Vanessa Lacombe

 Brittany Vidrine Speech Therapist

Brittany Vidrine
Speech Therapist

 Kami Lacombe-Deaville Ward Clerk Supervisor

Kami Lacombe-Deaville
Ward Clerk Supervisor

 Judy Darbonne Accounts Receivable

Judy Darbonne
Accounts Receivable

 Lauren Guillory Occupational Therapy

Lauren Guillory
Occupational Therapy

 Nancy Thompson HR Assistant

Nancy Thompson
HR Assistant

 Jackie Bellard Staffing Nurse

Jackie Bellard
Staffing Nurse

 Dana Chapman Physical Therapy

Dana Chapman
Physical Therapy

 Dewayne Reese Housekeeping Supervisor

Dewayne Reese
Housekeeping Supervisor


Our Activity Department

                                 Virginia Savant                                 Activity Director

                                Virginia Savant

                               Activity Director


And our wonderful CNA's