Rehab to Home Unit

Eunice Manor's therapy department provides rehabilitation services to long-term residents, as well as to patients in need of short-term care following injury or illness. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are available five days a week to restore the individual's prior level of functioning. Our therapists strive to improve quality of life, while promoting safety and independence.

Eunice Manor Nursing Home has a 9 bed Rehab to Home Unit that specializes in patients that need short term rehab and return home. We have a wing that is fully furnished with private rooms with a home like atmosphere to meet all patient needs. Each room has a big screen TV, recliner, table and chairs, and a private bathroom. The unit has a private dining room, spa-like shower room, and a private patio and lawn.

Lasetta Mayo, CNA

Therapy Tech

Dana Morein Chapman

Physical Therapist

Lauren Soileau Guillory

Occupational Therapist

Our Therapy Team


  • Muscle Strengthening

  • Self-Care & Safety Training

  • Functional Mobility & Exercise Programs

  • Post Joint Replacement Therapy

  • Gait and Balance Training

  • Transfer Training

  • Contracture Management

  • Heat/Cold Therapy for Pain/Edema Management

  • Fall Prevention/Education

  • Dementia Management

  • Speech/Language Treatment

  • Cognitive Training/Memory Enhancement

  • Swallowing Treatment